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At Pinellas Family Dental, we are proud to offer both removable and implant supported dentures. Pinellas Family Dental in Largo, FL offers the expert and compassionate help you need when you want a denture to replace missing teeth or have been disappointed with the fit and comfort of your current denture. Complete dentures (also known as “full dentures”) are used when all of the teeth are missing, and partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. Today’s denture options are many. Dentists Amy Vespa and Don Vespa are dedicated to relieving the physical and social discomfort of missing teeth and loose dentures. We know you will be delighted with both the process and the results, because our patients rave about their satisfaction with the care they have received. Today’s dental materials and methods make custom dentures more reliable and longer lasting than ever before. Sometimes a current denture can be refitted; other times it needs to be replaced. Sometimes a current denture can even be refitted for support on dental implants. Finding the right denture option for you begins with a personalized consultation with one of our dentists to examine your individual oral health circumstances, discuss the options, and learn about your specific preferences and goals. We offer a complementary (no fee) initial or second opinion consultation for this purpose.

Complete Removable Dentures

A full set of life-like appearing teeth can be provided on a complete removable denture. Complete removable dentures have an acrylic plastic base colored to look like gum tissue. An upper complete denture will cover the roof of your mouth. In the case of an upper or lower complete denture, a denture adhesive can be used to improve retention and biting force. A lower complete denture might have a tendency to slip and become dislodged while eating and speaking as the tongue and facial muscles move against it. A complete removable denture is removed for cleaning and for sleeping. When tooth roots are missing from the jawbone, the bone tissue undergoes resorption. The shape of the jawbone diminishes over time. The gum tissue over the jawbone changes in shape to conform to the underlying bone. As bone resorption continues over a period of 5 to 7 years, your complete denture will likely need to be relined to maintain a good fit. If your denture becomes too loose, a new denture will provide the best results. Alternatively, you can select implant treatment that involves placing dental implants to stabilize a specially designed full denture and minimize the process of bone loss in the future. Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots. Even a minimal number of implants will stimulate new bone tissue growth and help retain the shape of your jaw. Although our dentists can adjust your removable complete denture to last for several years, there are additional reasons why you might want to consider dental implant treatment. Patients who have made the switch from a complete removable upper denture are delighted to not have the roof of their mouth covered. Patients who have made the switch from a removable complete lower denture are delighted with resultant non-slippage. They regain the ability to chew and enjoy a wider range of foods again. If you are wearing a complete denture and are in need of adjustment or a new denture, our dentists can immediately make impressions for an exact fit. If you have recently lost one or more teeth or had teeth removed in order have a complete denture, your bone and gum tissue will change as they heal. Healing typically takes 8 to 12 weeks. In the meantime, we can provide you with a temporary “immediate” denture and adjust it as changes in your jaw and gum tissue occur. When your bone and gum tissue have become stable, we will make the impressions for your new custom denture or begin implant treatment to stabilize a custom denture.

Partial Removable Dentures

Today, there are multiple materials and many forms of partial dentures but all partial dentures attach to adjacent teeth and have a gum-colored portion meant to blend into the existing gum tissue. You will remove a partial denture for cleaning. Today, clasps are designed in flexible, clear, tooth-colored or pink acrylic to show as little as possible. Implant supported bridges are often taking the place of partial dentures, eliminating wear on adjacent teeth and providing full stability, stronger biting function, and longer lasting treatment.

Removable Overdentures

In some cases, a removable partial or complete overdenture may be fabricated to be worn on top of tooth roots remaining in the mouth. In these cases a denture composed of prosthetic gum tissue and teeth is placed over the gum ridge. Because there are disadvantages to this type of treatment —primarily the possibility of future root decay and low denture stability, this treatment is usually recommended only for the very elderly or significantly medically compromised patient.

Implant Supported Dentures

Both partial and complete dentures can be supported on implants. The type of denture, number of implants, and placement of those implants will be recommended based on your individual dental circumstances. The cost of implants will add to the cost of your denture treatment but the quality-of-life benefits and long-lasting durability of implant treatment are well worth the investment for many patients. When your denture is firmly supported on implants, you will not have to be concerned with slippage, adhesives, weak biting strength, and lack of confidence when you speak and smile. As mentioned above, implants stimulate bone tissue growth, preserving your jawbone and facial shape. The advantage we have over many dental practices when it comes to dental implant treatment is we offer all implant related procedures in the comfort of our own office with our partnering periodontist, Paul Bivens, D.D.S., M.S.D. Dr. Bivens has practiced periodontics in the Clearwater area for over 25 years and has successfully placed thousands of dental implants. Combining his expertise with our dentists’ advanced training in restorative dentistry means that your implant supported denture will not only function predictably but also exceed your aesthetic expectations.

We offer a complimentary (no fee) initial or second-opinion denture consultation at Pinellas Family Dental.

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