Affordable Quality Dental Implants in Largo, FL

At Pinellas Family Dental in Largo, FL, we do everything we can to make dental implants more affordable but do not cut on quality. We use CAMLOG® dental implants made of pure titanium. This material is extremely stable and has a high level of biocompatibility. High precision and reliability are the hallmarks of all CAMLOG implants and components, providing predictable functional, esthetic and long-term stable results.

The cost of dental implant treatment varies, based upon the number of missing teeth, location of the open area(s), the condition of the jawbone and other oral health factors. Each patient’s treatment is individualized and planned by our dentists, Doctors Amy and Don Vespa, and in-house periodontist, Dr. Paul Bivens, who has performed hundreds of dental implant surgeries.

Working in close collaboration with efficiency, our dentists and periodontist can restore your mouth to full function and create a beautiful smile without sending you to outside specialists. Dr. Bivens works in our office on Fridays. With decades of experience in periodontal surgery, he can expertly perform bone enhancement procedures such as ridge augmentation and sinus lifts if you need a bone procedure to ensure the success of your dental implant treatment.

We will go over the expenses involved in your procedure at your initial consultation and make sure you have a clear understanding of your options and the costs. We will strive to find a solution that makes your treatment affordable. We accept most insurance and offer CareCredit® financing.

If you have one or more missing teeth and are considering whether a bridge or denture would be a more affordable option for you, we can help with the decision. Although bridges are initially more affordable than implants, implants can be more cost-effective in the long term because they typically last longer and with proper care can last the rest of your life. We will compare the costs of restoring your smile with implant(s) and other options that are appropriate for your unique mouth. And, we will inform you about the typical length of time before you might need replacement of the alternatives.

Dental implants are the gold standard of care today for replacing missing teeth because of their many benefits. Let Pinellas Family Dentistry help you explore your options and determine whether dental implant treatment is right for you.

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