IRIS Intraoral Camera

You Are In Charge of Your Dental Care Decisions

You rely on experts for accurate information. A good mechanic will diagnose engine problems with your vehicle, so you can keep it running soundly. An HVAC repair man lets you know what’s wrong with your home’s heating and air conditioning system so that you can enjoy the luxury of climate control. Likewise, and more importantly, a dentist examines your oral health and makes you aware of problems that need professional treatment, so you can have strong, healthy teeth throughout your lifetime. With the advance of digital technology, you can be more fully informed about your oral health situation and choose the care you need.

Seeing is Believing

Dr. Vespa believes that part of providing excellent dental care is educating his patients on their diagnosis and thoroughly explaining treatment options. Dr. Vespa uses the IRIS Intraoral Camera, a small, handheld wand that features a tiny camera on its tip. With images from the camera, Dr. Vespa will show you exactly what he sees in your mouth. You’ll experience no discomfort, because the wand is compact, streamlined, and emits only light. High-resolution images of your teeth and gums will be immediately viewable on-screen in the treatment room.
Dr. Vespa will point out cavities, cracks, chips, and other problem areas on a monitor that you can view from the dental chair. You’ll actually recognize cavities and cracks on the precise, crisp, and accurate digital images. Then, you and Dr. Vespa will discuss how the problems likely came about so that you can try to prevent similar problems in the future. The two of you will also talk about treatment options and come up with a practical treatment plan.

Making Wise Decisions for Your Oral Health

In most cases, detecting dental problems early allows for more conservative, less costly, and less invasive treatment. For instance, treating a cavity when it is only on a tooth’s enamel surface stops the decay from growing. Left untreated, the cavity can penetrate deep into the tooth and cause damage that may only be corrected with a root canal or extraction. Untreated cavities can also cause abscesses and may spread to surrounding teeth. The IRIS Intraoral Camera lets Dr. Vespa find cavities, chips, cracks, and other dental damage in the earliest stages. He can zoom in on images to view the fine details and make an accurate diagnosis. In addition, the images captured by the IRIS Intraoral Camera will be kept in your permanent file, with easy access for future reference.
With the IRIS Intraoral Camera, you will become an informed, active participant in your dental care. You’ll enjoy peace of mind and have the wisdom to make the best choices for your long-term oral health. Call Pinellas Family Dental today at (727) 518-8349 to schedule a checkup and personally experience the IRIS Intraoral Camera.